Belgique is a cafe on Cambridge Park, Wanstead, London, and is where Strike and Robin interview the Bayliss sisters, Porschia, Maya and Eden.

After taking a detour to Wanstead Flats, where serial killer Dennis Creed disposed of a victim’s body 39 years previously, Robin drives to Belgique Wanstead Cafe and meets Strike outside. “‘Have I got time for a fag?'” Strike asks her, before checking his watch and deciding he hasn’t. They exchange their plans for the interview and then Robin pushes open the door of the cafe and leads the way inside.

“The interior was sleekly modern, with a curved counter, a wooden floor and a bright orange feature wall.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 53

Robin introduces herself and Strike to the three sisters, exchanging handshakes, then sits down at the table. As previously arranged, Robin takes the lead on the interview.

The Belgique cafe has freshly prepared cakes, buns and pastries. “The cafe clattered around them, and one of the women at the next table, who was eating a cream slice, said loudly, with unctuous pleasure, ‘God that’s good.'”

Fancy a trip to the Belgique for a coffee and a cream slice? You can find the cafe on the map below.

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