Becca Pirbright

Becca is the older sister of Kevin Pirbright, who was murdered in 2015 after escaping from the Universal Humanitarian Church.

Becca was eight when her mother Louise took her, Kevin and their sister Emily to join the UHC. Kevin informed Sir Colin Edensor that Becca later spent three years in the church’s Birmingham centre before returning to Chapman Farm. Kevin states, ‘Becca was on a completely different course to the rest of us’ … ‘travelling round the country with Wace and helping run seminars and self-realisation courses’ (chapter 7). Becca has risen to be the youngest principal of the church.

Robin first sees Becca when she gives the sermon at Robin’s second service at the temple in Rupert Court. Robin describes Becca to Strike as ‘very polished and chirpy. Perfect teeth – she looks American’ … ‘you’d have thought she was a motivational speaker’ (chapter 15).

Becca is described as ‘pretty and neat with thick-lashed dark eyes, glossy brown hair and a creamy-skinned, oval face, which dimpled when she smiled’ (chapter 23).

Becca Pirbright meets Robin and the other volunteers at Victoria Station and travels with them in a minibus to Chapman farm. On the way, Becca addresses the retreat-goers, telling them what to expect when they arrive and handing out questionnaires.

Robin observes that Becca has little to do with her sister Emily or her mother Louise at Chapman Farm, but family relationships are discouraged and not acknowledged in the church. Robin soon learns there is a darker side to Becca through their encounters at Chapman Farm and Becca’s interactions with Emily.