Annabel Marie Ellacott

Annabel Marie was born on 4 December 2013 to Stephen and Jenny Ellacott, making Robin an aunt for the first time.1 When looking at a photo of Annabel, Robin thinks she looks like a wrinkled, bald red baby,” 2 while Strike is reminded of an “angry-looking, bald monkey.” 3

“‘… Oh, Stephen, she’s… she’s beautiful.’ It was a lie, but nevertheless, tears prickled in the exhausted Robin’s eyes.” 4

Robin meets Annabel when she goes home to Masham for Christmas a few weeks after the birth.5 During her visit, Robin notices baby items taking over the sitting room6 and is kept awake most of the night by her screaming niece.7 Robin’s suggestion that Jenny drink alcohol to help the baby sleep goes unheeded.8

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