Amanda White (Laws)

Amanda White was 14 years old when Margot Bamborough went missing in 1974. Amanda, or Mandy, claims she saw a woman matching Margot’s descriptionbanging her fists against the glass” from an upper window on Clerkenwell Road. Her story was ultimately dismissed by police as a case of mistaken identity.1 

Robin has a hard time finding Amanda for an interview during their investigation, although she eventually locates her through Facebook. 2

“‘D’you know how many women there are out there called Amanda White?’ sighed Robin.

“‘I can imagine,’ said Strike, taking another large bite of roll. ‘That’s why I gave her to you.’


“‘I’m kidding,’ he said, smirking at her expression.’” 3

Amanda eventually agrees to an interview, and Robin tells Strike, “‘… I can tell she’s quite enamored of the idea of publicity, and she likes the idea of you, and of getting her name in the papers again.…’” 4

Robin and Strike eventually interview Amanda White, now Amanda Laws, over the phone while at Bar Italia in Frith Street.5

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