Alexander Graves

Alexander Edward Thawley Graves is the son of Colonel Edward Graves and Barbara Graves. He has a sister called Philippa, who is married to Nicholas Delauney. Alexander was a member of Universal Humanitarian Church before forcibly being taken home by his parents. He committed suicide in his room on 15th June 1993, a couple of days after. The UHC principals and members remember him as the Stolen Prophet, a brutal reminder to members what can happen to those who leave UHC. The church depicts him in crimson robes and a rope around his neck in reference to him hanging himself in his bedroom.

Alexander met Mazu when he was in his early twenties and she was sixteen. He started living at Forgeman Farm (later Chapman Farm) with Mazu. They ended up having a daughter, Daiyu, who Mazu later claimed was the daughter of Jonathan Wace, founder and leader of the UHC, not Alexander.

Before Daiyu’s unexpected drowning off Cromer beach, Alex’s family were battling for custody rights of Daiyu and wanted a DNA test done to prove Alex was her father. Before her death, Daiyu was worth a quarter of a million pounds and was the heir to the Graves’ family home, Garvestone Hall.