Travelodge near Monument Station

“Strike had sought refuge, in spite of invitations from friends and his sister, in a Travelodge near Monument Station. There he had attained the solitude and privacy he craved; there he had been free to sleep for hours undisturbed; and there he had downed nine cans of lager and became increasingly desirous of speaking to Robin with each empty can that he threw, with diminishing accuracy, across the room into the bin.” (Lethal White, Chapter 1) 



In the wake of catching The Shacklewell Ripper (and attending Robin’s wedding) Strike waits out the media in a Travelodge where “something close to depression weighed upon him.” It’s here where he drunkenly calls Robin’s parents’ house in hopes of speaking with her and where he subsequently brings Coco, his hard-to-shake one night stand. The interior isn’t described in the books; however, we believe this is the correct location. Here’s what the inside looks like according to Google.



This isn’t the only Travelodge near Monument Station, but it is the closest, at only a three- minute walk. It seems likely that this is the one Strike would have chosen.


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If you’re in need of hiding out from the media and want to stay at this location, find it at the map below.

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