The White Horse, East Ham

“Anyone who wants to hear more,” said Jimmy, “we’ll be in the pub down the road. Address on your leaflets!” (Lethal White, Chapter 5) 

On 15 June 2012, Strike follows Jimmy Knight to The White Horse pub after the CORE meeting in hopes of speaking with the activist about his brother, Billy. 

“Strike bought a bag of chips at a takeaway and proceeded along White Horse Road, at the end of which he had been told he would find the eponymous pub.” (Lethal White, Chapter 6)

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The White Horse is described as “an ugly prefabricated building” with an outside drinking area where “cigarette butts lay thickly on cracked concrete riven with weeds.” (Lethal White, Chapter 6) In real life, The White Horse is now closed permanently.

Across the way is the East Ham WWI Memorial. “A white war memorial with neatly ranged poppy wreaths at its base rose like an eternal reproach to the outside drinking area opposite.” (Lethal White, Chapter 6) Designed by the major of East Ham, this war memorial was dedicated to the many men of East Ham who lost their lives during the First World War. You can find more information here.


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If you’d like to see where The White Horse pub used to be or visit the war memorial, you can find them on the map below:

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