Tempest is one of the most obnoxious characters in the Cormoran Strike book series.

Robin initially describes her to Strike as being “a big activist in the transabled community.” Tempest developed and runs the website on which murder victim Kelsey Platt interacted with others in the body integrity identity disorder (BIID) community. Among other things, the website reviews disability-friendly venues, which is why Tempest chooses to meet Strike and Robin at Gallery Mess for lunch.

When Strike and Robin meet her and Jason, their purpose is mainly to interview Jason, but Tempest takes every opportunity to interrupt everyone at the table and redirect conversation back to herself. She rudely assumes Strike’s finances to be hefty enough that she can take the liberty to order an expensive lunch with wine, and she even encourages Jason to do the same.

Tempest is described as having dyed black bobbed hair and “thick, square black-rimmed spectacles.” She is “pale, dumpy and doughy, her small deep-set eyes like raisins in a bun.”

The interview ends with Strike’s outrage at the fact that although Tempest is fully able-bodied, she confines herself to a wheelchair and uses disabled facilities. He doesn’t understand her BIID, which causes her to want her spinal cord severed so she can become truly paraplegic.

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