Rest in Peace Solenne

I am extremely saddened to hear of the passing of a truly wonderful person, Solenne Peltier. She was always very present within the Strike fandom, and I followed her on Twitter for many years. She was a huge fan of Tom Burke and the BBC series The Musketeers. She often produced artwork of the characters, which I’m sure many will be familiar with.

Solenne’s Strike and Robin

I feel very grateful to have met Solenne at the Cuckoo’s Calling premier at the BFI Southbank in 2017. Though our meeting was very brief, I will always remember her very warm smile.

Solenne Peltier’s photo from the BFI event

We have lost a lovely woman, but the memories of her will live on, and her artwork will always be there for people to enjoy. 

Solenne’s Strike

Sending her friends and family my deepest condolences.

Rest in Peace, Solenne

Bill x

Here are some messages from some of her friends on Twitter.

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