Ordnance Arms

Ordnance Arms, in the Canning Town district of East London, is the pub where Strike meets Marlene Higson, Lula Landry‘s biological mother.

In real life, the Ordnance Arms closed back in 2012. Here’s what it looked like:

Located beside the English Pawnbroking Company Ltd., it’s described thusly in The Cuckoo’s Calling, Part 4 Chapter 4: “It was a large, low-slung, off-white-painted pub. The interior was no-nonsense and utilitarian, with a selection of wooden clocks on a terracotta-coloured wall and lividly patterned piece of red carpet the only gesture to anything as frivolous as decoration. Otherwise there were two large pool tables, a long and accessible bar and plenty of empty spaces for milling drinkers.

“The beer garden turned out to be the grimmest of concrete back yards, containing bins and a solitary wooden table…. There was barbed wire on top of the high wall, and a plastic bag had caught in it and was rustling in the breeze. Beyond the wall there rose a vast block of flats, yellow-painted and with evidence of squalor bulging over many of the balconies.”

Although the Ordnance Arms is now closed, you can see where it was located here. Notice down the road there’s a school called Rokeby School…. Perhaps a source of name inspiration?

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