Lorraine MacNaughton

In 2008, suspect Donald Laing lived with Lorraine MacNaughton in the town of Corby in a semi-detached house called Summerfield in Weldon Road. When Strike and Robin visit her there, she lives alone with her deceased mother’s Jack Russell terrier, Tigger. 

Lorraine is described as being around the age of fifty, with shoulder-length brown hair that has gray roots. “Deep marionette lines lay either side of a thin-lipped mouth.” Lorraine is a heavy smoker and is recovering from an ankle injury.

Strike and Robin question Lorraine about Laing, and she reveals that they had a romantic relationship but that he left her suddenly after ten months, and robbed her of her jewelry while he was at it. She provides them a photo of him when they were together. His appearance is greatly altered from the time Strike knew him due to his psoriatic arthritis.

In the TV series adaptation, Lorraine MacNaughton is portrayed by actress Kirsty Dillon.

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