Lethal White Quiz


Lethal White Quiz

What's the name of the horse Strike bet on at Newbury Racecourse?

What Olympic event did Nick and Ilsa get tickets to?

What is Della Winn's guide-dog's name?

What's the name of the pub where Strike and Robin are at when Robin's orange juice is spilled?

What's the nickname that the Chiswells give to Rafael's mother?

Where did Matthew and Robin go for their honeymoon?

What is the name of the pub where Strike meets Jimmy Knight?

Where was the Paralympic Reception held?

What is the name of the temp Strike hires while Robin is on holiday?

Who did Della Winn mistake "Venetia" for when they meet?

What does Strike order at the Cheyne Walk Brasserie when he and Robin have lunch with Izzy and Billy?

What kind of shop does Strike's girlfriend Lorelei co-own?

What name does Robin use when going undercover in the jewellery shop owned by the mad Wiccan?

What street does Jasper Chiswell live on?

What are the nicknames of Sophia Chiswell's children?

At Newbury Racecourse, what thing did Robin save that Strike had given to her?

What's the name of the Chiswells' old stable girl?

What does CORE stand for?

What Tube station do Strike and Robin meet at before they drive to Chiswell House in Woolstone?

Who arrives at Matthew and Robin's housewarming party first?

Who spotted Strike at Franco's with Charlotte?

Who is Minister for Sport?

Where does Strike watch the Olympic opening ceremonies?

Where did Strike meet Jasper Chiswell for a lunch meeting?

Where did Robin meet Rafael to interview him?

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