Lethal White Miscellaneous Characters

Katie: Robin’s favorite cousin who we meet at Robin and Matthew’s wedding reception. She is heavily pregnant as their wedding falls on Katie’s due date. Katie is the one to tell Robin that Strike is at the wedding reception: “’He came, then,’ said Robin’s favorite cousin, Katie.’” (Lethal White, Prologue)

James Farraday: While searching online for a “Jimmy” on Charlemont Road, Strike comes across the name James Farraday. Strike is able to speak with a woman at the Farraday residence, but it’s not the man he’s looking for.

Webster: Name or nickname of a surveillance target. Strike initially puts Barclay on this case before moving him over to befriend Jimmy Knight.

Suki Lewis: One of the names of missing children from Woolstone that Wardle gives to Strike. We later learn that her proper name is Susanna Lewis.

Imamu Ibrahim: One of the names of missing children from Woolstone that Wardle gives to Strike.

Shayla: One of Leda’s friends that Strike remembers. She was a part-time prostitute, “sobbing about the brain damage inflicted on her toddler son by a violent boyfriend.” (Lethal White, Chapter 14)

Sian: Receptionist at Stylz, the salon where Jimmy Knight’s ex-wife, Dawn Clancy, works. Strike meets her when he goes in for his “appointment” with Dawn. Dawn asks Sian to keep an eye on her client while she speaks to Strike.

Mrs. Horridge: Elderly client of Dawn Clancy who is getting her hair permed as Strike enters Stylz.

Sir Steve Redgrave: A man who supposedly works for Della Winn’s charity, Level Playing Field. In chapter 17, Geraint Winn snaps at Aamir when asking if Redgrave has returned his call.

Mrs. Ricketts: Constituent who leaves a message for Izzy Chiswell’s office to complain about traffic along Banbury Road.

Rupert: Man who left a message for Izzy Chiswell’s office to talk about “the AGM.”

Sir Kevin and Lady Rodgers: Sir Kevin Rodgers won the silver medal in the hurdles at the 1956 Olympics and is a current trustee of Level Playing Field. Robin impersonates Della Winn over the phone and learns some incriminating evidence about Geraint Winn from Sir Kevin and his wife, who is only referred to as Lady Rodgers. (Fun fact: The man who actually won the silver at the hurdles in 1956 was Jack Wells Davis from San Diego, California.) 

Dr. Elspeth Curtis-Lacey: A trustee of Level Playing Field (Winn’s charity), the former Liberal-Democrat councilor is a potential witness to Geraint Winn’s potentially illegal behavior. Robin attends the Paralympian Reception in an attempt to speak with her.

Laura: Ex-flatmate of Flick’s. She and Flick got into an argument over Laura’s stolen credit card.

Ankill: Woman who lives in Woolstone who saw Jimmy Knight in town.

Lucinda: Works at Drummond’s Gallery. Described as a “well-groomed young blonde,” we meet Lucinda when Strike is interviewing Henry Drummond. Lucinda informs Mr. Drummond that, “Mrs. Ross has just arrived, Henry.” (Lethal White, Chapter 49)

Hayley: Flatmate of Flick Purdue.

Alf: Anarchist friend of Flick Purdue who is clearly interested in Robin while she’s undercover as Bobbi Cunliffe.

Shanice: Woman who is going to replace Laura as Flick and Hayley’s new flatmate.

Larry: Man who was having sex with a young woman in the bathroom at Flick’s flat while Robin was undercover at the party.

Colin Hepworth: Doctor who is treating Billy Knight at the psychiatric clinic in north London. He’s described as “short, rather foxy in appearance and had a strong Mancunian accent.” (Lethal White, Chapter 56)

Kamila Muhammad: Doctor who is treating Billy Knight at the psychiatric clinic in north London.

Eddie: Redheaded male nurse at the psychiatric clinic.

Roddy Forbes: Man who spotted Strike sitting with Charlotte at Franco’s.

Samuel Murape: Teen who was visiting his family in Zimbabwe and was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

DCI Judy McMurran: Detective Chief Inspector working the Chiswell case. Strike and Robin talk with her at the end of Lethal White.

DI George Layborn: Detective inspector working the Chiswell case. Strike and Robin talk with him at the end of Lethal White.

Charles: Suspect’s lawyer.

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