Le Gavroche

Cormoran’s girlfriend, Elin Toft, books a table for two at Le Gavroche toward the end of Career of Evil. Chapter 55 reads: “Elin had announced over the phone that it was about time they enjoyed a decent dinner for a change and that she had booked Le Gavroche – ‘My treat.'” 

The elegant Le Gavroche is situated on Upper Brook Street, which “comprised grand eighteenth-century houses.” The restaurant is described as having “wrought iron canopy and ivy-covered railings” and a “heavily mirrored front door.”

Strike is seated in a “green and red dining room, which was artfully lit so that puddles of light fell only where needed onto snow-white tablecloths, over gilt-framed oil paintings.” Elin arrives shortly after.

The date goes disastrously wrong after Strike gets a phone call and, in his haste to leave, splatters wine and juice from his fillet of beef all over Elin’s beautiful “pale blue form-fitting dress.”