Henry Drummond

Henry Drummond and Jasper Chiswell have been friends for 45 years, and Drummond is the godfather of Jasper’s late son, Freddie. We learn early on that Drummond gives Chiswell’s son, Raphael, a job at his art gallery as a favor to the Minister.

During an interview with the art dealer, Strike learns that Mr. Drummond reveres Freddie as “awfully good” but does not share the same feelings for Raphael. Raphael was fired from Drummond’s Gallery for having been caught “in flagrante” with another young employee and Drummond’s goddaughter, Francesca. It appears that Jasper Chiswell shared many confidences with Drummond as he appears to know about Chiswell’s problems with his wife and children.

It is during this same interview that we learn Drummond is also an acquaintance of Strike’s ex-girlfriend, Charlotte, as she appears in the gallery during the interview. 

Henry Drummond is described as having an “upper class appearance” with a “pinched nose and black brows” that were “enclosed by rolls of fat” around his chin and neck and has mutton-chop whiskers.

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