Catford Broadway

Jeff Whittaker and his girlfriend, Stephanie, live in a flat over a chip shop in Catford Broadway, an area south of the Thames described as “a busy pedestrian street running along the rear of the Catford Theatre. Fishmongers, wig shops, cafes and bakeries curved around the perimeter of the theatre, and each had a flat above it boasting three arched windows in triangular formation.”

“Market stalls filled the street by day.” Strike often watches for Whittaker’s comings and goings from the stage door of Broadway Theatre, which is opposite the flat.

Robin also spends her fair share of time in the area surveilling Whittaker’s flat, amounting to “pointless hours of standing beneath the crouching stone bears over the stage door of the Broadway Theatre.”

(Well, it’s not exactly the official stage door, but it’s the next set of doors to the left.)

Although there’s no chip shop exactly matching the description in the book, here are a couple of inspirational possibilities.

All photos courtesy of @OzmaLionheart

You can find Catford Broadway on Google Maps here: