Wong Kei

Wong Kei is a popular restaurant in London’s Chinatown that Strike frequents. He meets Spanner here to hand over Lula Landry‘s laptop for some forensic work.

Wong Kei is described as a “tall, white-fronted Chinese restaurant …

… with a window view of an arcade center called Play to Win.”

“While Strike ate Singapore noodles one-handed, he examined Lula Landry’s laptop…. The dark pink computer casing was patterned with cherry blossom. It did not occur to Strike that he presented an incongruous appearance to the world as he hunched, large and hairy, over the prettified, pink and palpably feminine device, but the sight had drawn smirks from two of the black-T-shirted waiters.”

Wong Kei is a hopping restaurant well into the night – tasty food and fast, if not super friendly, service. Find it here on Google Maps:

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