US air date for C.B. Strike!

C.B. Strike on Cinemax June 1!

America will see the adaptation of the Cormoran Strike novels by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) on Cinemax starting June 1! You can watch the official Cinemax teaser trailer below.

TV tie-in editions of the novels will also be released alongside the series.

J.K. Rowling has finished the fourth Cormoran Strike novel, Lethal White, but we are still waiting for a publication date by Sphere Books (Little, Brown & Co), which will hopefully be announced sometime soon. 

2 thoughts on “US air date for C.B. Strike!

  1. I really hope that when book 4 “Lethal White” is filmed (hopefully early 2019) and they broadcast it to the BBC UK audience, that they finally stop making the rest of the world wait an interminably long time (a year!!!!) to finally see it on their viewing platforms. This is so out of date as to be incomprehensible. It’s as if digitalization had never happened.

    How does it benefit anyone or anything to have this long delay?? Six months is a crazy enough wait–let alone making people wait an entire year!!

    It’s even worse to know that the US–HBO was involved in the production of the show and yet it’s coming to the US last of all. I doubt many people know this–since the first announcement of a broadcast of the show outside the UK was the US schedule. Last year it was announced that the US had to wait until June of 2018. Interestingly, they would never announce when it would be broadcast to any other country.

    Then we found out why they did that when they finally announced (just last month-April) that–surprise, surprise–Strike was finally going to be broadcast to almost every place on earth May 1, 2018. The one exception to this May broadcast date was the US.

    The US had to wait for June. True it’s only a month but they must have been plenty embarrassed, by even that one month delay, to announce at the very last moment that everywhere else would be seeing it in May. Shame on HBO for a multitude of reasons.

    HBO moved the show from HBO (if they ever really intended to show it on HBO) to their offshoot Cinemax–another premium channel that few people have that will add even more to already inflated cable bills. People in the US were going to see the show broadcast last because HBO’s Cinemax had to fit it onto their schedule. FYI–Strike title was changed to C.B. Strike because Cinemax already had another show “Strike Back” playing on their station.

    If I was a betting person–I would put money on them doing exactly the same thing for book 4. I confess I don’t know who gets anything for these needless delays in showing these shows to a world audience. How does it not make more sense to share a show with everyone and have a real time world conversation about it?? It makes no sense to me at all to wait and wait and wait… It seems like a lose / lose way of doing business in a digital world.

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