Upper Cheyne Row

In Chapter 38, Strike visits Izzy Chiswell’s home in order to collect a payment and discuss the Chiswell case.

“It was almost midday when Strike arrived at Izzy’s mews house in Upper Cheyne Row in Chelsea, a quietly expensive stretch of houses which, unlike those of Ebury Street, were tastefully mismatched.” (Lethal White, Chapter 38) 

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Izzy’s flat was said to be “small and painted white, with a carriage lamp beside the front door….” The interior is described as having an “open-plan sitting and kitchen area, white walls, brightly patterned sofas and an Art Nouveau fireplace with sinuous, molded female figures supporting the mantelpiece.” There were also long windows that “looked out onto a small private courtyard, where expensive wrought iron furniture sat among carefully tended topiary.” (Lethal White, Chapter 38)

Want to be neighbors with Izzy? Find Upper Cheyne Row on the map below.

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