Trafalgar Square

“’Billy called me. He said people were trying to kill him — chasing him. He claimed to be in Trafalgar Square. I went to try and find him, but he wasn’t there.’” (Lethal White, Chapter 35)

As Strike is leaving the Paralympic Reception at Lancaster House, he receives a call from Billy Knight. Having been searching for Billy, Strike rushes to Trafalgar Square (where Billy claimed to be) in an attempt to find him but, unfortunately, is too late. Strike continues to make attempts to find Billy by returning to Trafalgar Square.

“Surely there was a chance, however tiny, that Billy might gravitate back to the place where he had last sought help? Strike had spent a few hours wandering Trafalgar Square on the previous afternoon, knowing how remote was the possibility that Billy would show up, yet feeling compelled to do something, however pointless.” (Lethal White, Chapter 36)

Strike also continues to call the phone number from which Billy had called him.

“Finally, on the previous morning, he had got an answer from a curious passerby, who had confirmed the phone box’s position on the edge of Trafalgar Square.” (Lethal White, Chapter 36)

We were able to locate a couple of telephone boxes on the edges of Trafalgar Square that Billy might have used to call Strike.

Telephone box #1:

Google Maps

Telephone box #2:

Google Maps

Here is an overhead map to show where they’re located.

Google Maps

It would have taken Strike about 12 minutes to walk from Lancaster House to Trafalgar Square.

Google Maps

Find Trafalgar Square on the map below.

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