The Windmill on the Common

The Windmill on Clapham Common is a gastropub mentioned in The Cuckoo’s Calling, Part 2, Chapter 10. 

At this point in the series, Robin and Matthew are living in Clapham, an area south of the Thames. “She and Matthew had eaten lunch, in company with two friends of Matthew’s, at his favorite gastropub, the Windmill on the Common. When Robin had spotted the picture of Evan Duffield in an open copy of News of the World at a nearby table, she had made a breathless excuse, right in the middle of one of Matthew’s stories, and hurried outside to text Strike.”

“Matthew had said, later, that she had shown bad manners, and even worse not to explain what she was up to, in favour of maintaining that ludicrous air of mystery.”

When we were at the Windmill, we didn’t have time for a bite or a pint, but it looked to be a happening place. If you can get over the fact that it’s Matthew’s favourite gastropub, then you can find it here.