The Silkworm TV Locations

Penhurst Place and Gardens, Kent

Shots from the Silkworm were filmed here, including Baron’s Hall, Porcupine Pantry and outside shots of Lime Walk.

Goldsboro Books

This is the bookstore at which they filmed Robin looking to buy an Owen Quine book. In the Silkworm book, Robin goes to Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road. (The Silkworm, Episode 1)

New Row and St Martin’s News

Strike walks along here and goes into St Martin’s News. (The Silkworm, Episode 1)

Talgarth Road

Scenes were filmed at the actual artist studio flats on Talgarth Road, which are also featured in the book. Tom Burke said he enjoyed filming scenes inside here, as he’d always wanted to go inside them. (The Silkworm, Episode 1)

The Hope and Anchor Pub, Riverside Gardens

This is the pub where Cormoran and Matthew meet for the first time. “It’s not the Mango Tree,” says Matthew. (The Silkworm, Episode 1) In the book, this scene takes place at the King’s Arms pub in Waterloo.

Bunhill FieldsĀ 

Bunhill Fields is a graveyard in Islington, London. It is where they filmed the scenes with Robin conducting surveillance on writer Andrew Fancourt, who is visiting his late wife Ellie Fancourt’s grave.


Pescatori is a restaurant in Fitzrovia, London, where Cormoran Strike interviews Elizabeth Tassel in the late stages of the investigation. This is another of the locations that was also in the book.

Thai Square

This restaurant at Putney Bridge is a stand-in for The River Cafe (in the book), where Strike meets his brother Al Rokeby for lunch. Strike interviews one of the servers who was a witness to the public row between Quine and Elizabeth Tassel at the restaurant.

King’s Cross Station and Euston Road

Robin pulls up on Euston Road in the hire car. She leaves Strike in the passenger seat and runs to catch the train from King’s Cross to Masham for Matthew’s mum’s funeral. (The Silkworm, Episode 1)