The Hope and Anchor Pub

“It’s not the Mango Tree…”

In The Silkworm, episode 1, this is the pub where Cormoran and Robin‘s fiancé Matthew meet for the first time.

After a conversation led by Matthew about rugby and sport, Robin decides to give Strike the invitation to her and Matthew’s wedding, which is “in eight weeks” to a surprised Cormoran. Strike finally manages to escape to the bar to order a white wine for Robin and a Czech beer (‘he needed something stronger to get him through the night’ – Tom Burke), which was an improvised scene.

In the book, this meeting takes place at The King’s Arms pub in Waterloo.

The Hope & Anchor was a gay pub on Macbeth Street in Hammersmith. Unfortunately, the Hope & Anchor has now been permanently closed down, but you can find its old location on Google Maps here.

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