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Here are many of the filming locations for Strike – The Cuckoo’s Calling. Click on the locations for more info.
    Denmark Street – Where Strike’s office is located.

The Duke of York (The Tottenham) Strike’s favourite pub.

  Rutland Gate (Kentigern Gardens) – Lula Landry’s flat building.

  McQueen – Where the nightclub Uzi was filmed.

  Leicester Square Station – The Tube station Robin gets off at.
City Snacks – The cafe where Strike meets DI Wardle.
Greek Street, Soho – Where Nico Kolovas-Jones drops Strike off. 
Ariana II – The restaurant where Strike meets with John Bristow.
Zippy Diner – Where Strike arranges to meet Rochelle Onifade.
Smith & Wollensky – The restaurant where Strike first meets Tony Landry.
George Loveless House – Where Rochelle Onifade’s flat was filmed.
  Grosvenor Chapel – Seen when Strike is tailing Tansy Bestigui.
Mount Street Gardens – Where Strike tails Tansy.
Town House Where Strike sees Tansy and Tony meeting up for lunch.
Dalston Kingsland Station – Where Ciara Porter arranges to pick up Strike.
The Dog and Duck – A pub where Robin looks for Strike.
    Christopher Kane (Vashti) – The clothes store where Robin and Strike go to get information about the case.

  Southborough House – Where Lula and John’s mother, Lady Yvette Bristow, lives.
  Efes Snooker & Bar – Where Strike finds Shanker playing snooker.
SOAS University – Where Robin goes for information on Professor Agyeman.
Yeomanry House – Where Strike talks to Lula Landry’s half brother.
  Buckingham Street – Where Strike talks to Tony Landry.






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