The Chelsea Arts Club

The Chelsea Arts Club is a members only club that features significantly at the end of The Silkworm, Chapter 47 and 48. Here, Roper Chard host a party for one of their celebrated authors, which Cormoran attends.

“The club stood in a leafy, sleepy and genteel street…” 

In the book, the front of the building has “cartoonish murals” that were “strangely eerie” in the light of the old-fashioned street lamp. “Circus freaks had been painted on the rainbow-strippled walls of a long low line of ordinary white houses knocked into one: four-legged blonde girl, an elephant eating its keeper, an etiolated contortionist in prison stripes whose head appeared to be disappearing up his own anus.” Unfortunately, these murals are no longer there and it is now just a plain white building.

During the party, Strike heads out the back of the club into a garden with an icy pond; he digs a trench through the snow with his feet shortly before being followed by two people, one of them he reveals as Owen Quine’s killer.

You can find the Chelsea Arts Club on Google Maps here: