Swinton Park

Swinton Park is a hotel just outside of Masham, North Yorkshire. This is the venue of Robin Ellacott and Matthew Cunliffe’s wedding reception on 2nd July 2011, in the prologue of Lethal White. In this opening chapter, Robin and Matthew are having their wedding photos taken next to the lake, while two swans refuse to swim side by side for the “crowning achievement of the wedding photographer’s career.”

As well as seeing the grounds surrounding the building, the chapter also takes us inside to the dining hall, the gents toilet where Strike is hiding, the bar area, and even the bridal suite, where Robin and Matthew are staying for the night. After the first dance – or during it – Robin catches Cormoran Strike as he is leaving the building and is making his way down the steps. The chapter ends after their brief interaction.

Swinton Park is a luxury hotel which offers rooms as well as numerous suites, spa experiences, great food from a popular chef, and more. You can find out more about Swinton Park on their website here.