Strike: Troubled Blood (TV) Updates – Release and Cast

Post by Katie (@LudicrousMonica)

It seems Strike and Robin may be returning to our screens earlier than we expected! An announcement in this week’s Radio Times magazine suggests that the TV adaptation of Troubled Blood will be aired on BBC1 this autumn.

This snippet is the first news regarding the air date for the fifth installment in the Strike series since February. Back then, during filming in Skegness, producer Alex Rendell was interviewed on local radio and said it would probably appear ‘early next year’.

We don’t yet have an exact date for broadcast, but in a reply to a question on her Instagram account, producer Clare Pearce said it would not be as soon as August bank holiday weekend, suggesting it might reach our screens in September or October 2022.

Starring Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger as Strike and Robin, Troubled Blood began filming in January this year and wrapped in April. Early in February, a BBC press release confirmed recurring cast members Sarah Sweeney (Lucy), Ben Crompton (Shanker), Jack Greenlees (Barclay), Christina Cole (Izzy Chiswell), Ian Redford (Uncle Ted) and Kerr Logan (Matthew).

Kierston Wareing will also be returning. She first appeared in flashbacks as Leda Strike in Career of Evil, so we can assume there will be more about Strike’s childhood in Troubled Blood. Later confirmation on IMDb that Charlie Price would take the role of “young Cormoran Strike” supports this.

Fans were excited to hear that the cast also includes an impressive assembly of established talent, including Linda Bassett, Daniel Peacock, Ruth Sheen, Sophie Ward and Kenneth Cranham. The press release contained no information as to which characters any of these actors are playing, prompting much speculation (especially regarding the role to be taken by Tom Burke’s mother, Anna Calder-Marshall).

Since then, many roles have been confirmed: Abigail Lawrie is playing Margot Bamborough; Genevieve Hulme-Beaman is the young Oonagh Kennedy; Syrus Lowe is Max; and Carol Mcready is Irene. Fionnula Flanagan is present-day Oonagh, Cherie Lunghi is Gloria Conti and Phil Cornwell is Carl Oakden. Robin Askwith confirmed to us in Skegness that he is playing Steve Douthwaite.

Robin Askwith (Steve Douthwaite)

Jess Impiazzi is playing the young Gloria, and IMDb lists other actors for the roles of young Luca Ricci (Jacob James Beswick), young Steve Douthwaite (Jack Morris) and a young Roy Phipps (Sam Woolf). Phill Langhorne is listed as a character called Detective Simon Layborn who, of course, does not exist in the book. We can assume that this character replaces that of Bill Talbot, and is probably the father of DI George Layborn, played by returning actor Samuel Oatley.

Jess Impiazzi (Gloria Conti)

An excellent cast, the tantalising glimpses of scenes we saw filmed on location and a complex and emotional case … it all points to Troubled Blood being a bright star in the BBC’s schedule this autumn. We can’t wait.


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