The following fanfiction is completely fan-created. None of this was written by Robert Galbraith.

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Ratings are: G (general audiences), T (teen and up), M (mature) and E (explicit).


No Chance
By 105NorthTower
17th April 2022 – Rating M

Champagne Bubbles
By BlueRobinWrites
21st February 2022 – Rating E

Of Scarlet Scarves and Snowfalls
By ftlow
2nd December 2021 – Rating G

The Bed You Make
By Kate88
30th November 2021 – Rating M

Made for You
By FireflySummer
28th November 2021 – Rating T

Chapter 73 (cont.)
By anomic
16th September 2021 – Rating E

As Certain It Is Evening
By D_A_Cullum
10th September 2021 – Rating M

Drawn to You
By Greenie (hidetheteaspoons)
8th September 2021 – Rating E

Murder on the Venetian Express
By libraryv & LulaIsAKitten
12th May 2021 – Rating M

The Fear’s as Bad as Falling
By MissdeVine
10th May 2021 – Rating T

Why The Sofa Farts
By 105NorthTower
23rd April 2021 – Rating G

Wherever You Will Go
7th February 2021 – Rating T

Completing a Circuit
By FallingFaintly
10th December 2020 – Rating M

The Day After the Date
By HarrogateBelmont
8th December 2020 – Rating M

By hobbeshalftail3469
21st November 2020 – Rating M

A New Recruit
By LulaIsAKitten
13th August 2020 – Rating E

Just The Two Of (vir)Us
by LulaIsAKitten
7th April 2020 – Rating E

31st March 2020 – Rating M

Jump into that sweet unknown (with me)
By lemon_verbena
11th March 2020 – Rating M

That Whole Talking Thing
By RobinVenetiaa
4th February 2020 – Rating T

The Best Revenge
by pools_of_venetianblue
4th December 2017 – Rating E

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