Serpentine Bar and Kitchen

Serpentine Bar & Kitchen is located in Hyde Park, alongside — you guessed it — Serpentine Lake.

In The Cuckoo’s Calling, Strike has a lunch appointment with John Bristow here.

“Strike bought himself a newspaper and caught the underground to Knightsbridge, then walked, having plenty of time to spare, to the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen, which Bristow had chosen for their lunch appointment.

“Strike chose an outdoor table right beside the water, ordered a pint of Doom Bar and read his paper.”

“Strike had never been to the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen. It was set on the boating lake, a striking building that was more like a futuristic pagoda than anything he had ever seen. The thick white roof, looking like a giant book that had been placed down on its open pages, was supported by concertinaed glass. A huge weeping willow caressed the side of the restaurant and brushed the water’s surface.”

Tony Landry arrives for an unexpected “chat” before John gets there. The scene that plays out on the terrace of the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen is memorable — Strike yet again is underestimated and he then gets the best of the other man.

Visit the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen website and find it on Google Maps here:

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