Sandra by Flanker27_UK

She was driving Strike up the wall, he really needed a Secretary he could depend on:

Good Timekeeping



Working on her own initiative

Good computer skills

Excellent English, Spelling and Grammar


Sandra had none of these, unless you count posting pictures of herself on Face-thingy, pulling faces that Strike thought made her look like a pouting duck.

This morning she’d arrived at twenty past nine, hadn’t apologised and then spent half an hour in the little toilet putting on her make up. If that’s what you could call it Strike thought, what on earth is all that glittery stuff she plasters on her cheek bones? And what’s this with girls and tattoos why has she got stars behind her ear?

You’re getting even grumpier he thoughtwith a sigh, business wasn’t booming to say the least and he begrudged the money he spent with Temporary Solutions for her “services”

Giggling and chatting away she put a cup of tea on his desk, it looked like she’d waved a teabag in the general direction of the cup. He took a sip & shuddered, he’d given up asking her to make it as strong as she could. The inane chatter he now just filtered out.

Right that’s it

“Sandra, got a minute?”

“Sure Cormy, what do you need?”

“Sorry but I’m not working in the office next week “.  He lied fluently

“Can you let Temporary Solutions know I’ll get back to them when I need Secretarial Support again, and thanks for all your work the last few weeks”

“Oh that’s fine Cormy, I never seem to stay at a place long, I’ll get something new next week”

Can’t think why that is. 

Saturday night lying next to Charlotte, feeling the waves of anger emanating from her following the low level verbal combat they had been engaged in for most of the day, the thought went through his mind

Fuck I hope that dizzy bint cancelled the temp next week, I don’t need another disaster for a secretary



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