The Silkworm Quiz

Welcome to The Silkworm Quiz!


1. Where did Strike and Matthew meet for the first time?
2. When is Cormoran Strike's birthday?
3. What is the name of the publishers that Christian Fisher works for?
4. What breed of dog does Elizabeth Tassel have?
5. Where do Strike and Robin meet on Strike's birthday?
6. When is Robin Ellacott's birthday?
7. What was the name of Michael Fancourt's late wife?
8. What was the name of the acid used at the murder scene?
9. In Bombyx Mori, who was Daniel Chard?
10. Who put dog excrement through Leonora Quine's letter box?
11. Where did Owen Quine and Elizabeth Tassel have their public argument?
12. What is Robin Ellacott's middle name?
13. What genre of novels does Katheryn Kent write?
14. What food does Strike order in The Cambridge?
15. What SIB Sergeant died in the Viking in Afganistan when Strike lost his leg?
16. Where was Owen Quine's killer revealed?
17. In Bombyx Mori, who was Leonora Quine?
18. Which of these is NOT an Owen Quine novel?
19. What newspaper does Dominic Culpepper work for?
20. What is the nickname given to Strike by Richard Anstis?
21. What is the name of Richard Anstis' son?
22. Where did Strike interview Jerry Waldegrave?
23. Where is Daniel Chard's second home?
24. What is the name of the church in Masham?
25. Who got Strike into the Roper Chard party?

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