The Cuckoo’s Calling Quiz

Welcome to The Cuckoo’s Calling Quiz!

1. What brand of cigarettes did Marlene Higson smoke?
2. Who were the two Met detectives who worked on the Lula Landry investigation?
3. What is Deeby Macc’s real name?
4. Where did Strike first meet with Eric Wardle?
5. Where did Matthew propose to Robin?
6. What did Strike order from Wong Kei?
7. Where did Strike interview Marlene Higson?
8. What was the name of Tansy Bestigui’s friend who she did Pilates with?
9. What was the name of Yvette Bristow’s late husband?
10. What military regiment was Lieutenant Jonah Agyeman part of?
11. Where did Strike meet Spanner to hand over Lula Landry’s laptop?
12. Where did Ciara Porter live?
13. Who was Lula Landry’s makeup artist?
14. Where did Yvette Bristow live?
15. What is Cormoran Strike’s favourite beer?
16. In what month was The Cuckoo’s Calling first published?
17. What was the name of John Bristow’s younger brother?
18. What is the name of Matthew’s favourite gastropub?
19. What is the occupation of Freddie Bestigui?
20. Where did Strike buy his nephew Jack’s birthday present?
21. Where did Strike first meet Tony Landry?
22. How many pints of Doom Bar did Strike have in The Tottenham after finding out Charlotte is engaged to Jago Ross?
23. In what month were photos deleted from Lula Landry’s laptop?
24. Where was Evan Duffield’s drug dealer’s flat?
25. Where did Strike first interview Derrick Wilson?
26. What two CDs did Strike listen to in the office?
27. Where did Strike go to shower?
28. Where is Charlotte Campbell’s flat?
29. What football team does Strike support?
30. Where did Strike interview Tansy Bestigui?

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