Portcullis House

While undercover as Venetia Hall in the House of Commons, Robin does some exploring and takes the escalator over to Portcullis House. Opened in 2001, Portcullis House was built with the purpose of providing extra offices for parliament and their staff.

“Robin wondered whether she might have enjoyed working here if she had never been sent to Strike.” (Lethal White, Chapter 13)


“This was a modern crystal palace, with a folded glass roof, triangular panes held in place by thick black struts. Beneath was a wide, open-plan area including a café, where MPs and civil servants mingled. Flanked by full-grown trees, large water features consisting of long blocks of covered-in shallow pools became dazzling strips of quicksilver in the June sunshine.” (Lethal White, Chapter 13)



In the Acknowledgments for Lethal White, JK Rowling thanks Jess Phillips MP, whom she says was “incredibly helpful” for giving her a tour of the Commons and Portcullis House. Click here to follow Jess Philips MP on Twitter!

Find Portcullis House on the map below!

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