Michael Ellacott Has Been Cast!

Paul Butterworth has been cast as a Michael Ellacott (Robin’s dad) in The Strike Series!


Paul is credited in dozens of British film and television series’, including The Bill and Holby City. He is an award-winning actor and a voter for the BAFTA awards.

Paul Tweeted that he had just finished filming for The Strike Series on 17th February 2017. His Twitter handle is @proactorpaul.

What do you think of him as Michael Ellacott? Comment below!


4 thoughts on “Michael Ellacott Has Been Cast!

  1. I haven’t read to the part where Robin’s father appear. but i want to ask something about Jonah (Lula’s brother), hasn’t the character been cast already? i read it on twitter (i forgot whose account, but i’m pretty sure it’s one of you guys LOL)

    1. Yes, Jonah has been cast, but we haven’t yet blogged about him. Stay tuned and thanks for your comments!

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