Mentioned Locations

The following is a list of locations that are mentioned in Lethal White but aren’t actually visited. 

Aberdeen: A missing child ran away to Aberdeen to live with her father.

Aylesbury: Paul Butcher manages a farm in Aylesbury.

Banbury Road: A citizen calls Izzy’s office to complain about traffic on Banbury Road.

Dartmoor: The prison mentioned at the end of Lethal White.

Dorchester: Where Dodgy Doc attends a Royal College of Surgeons dinner.

Dulwich: A girlfriend of a suspect lives in Dulwich.

Earl’s Court: Where Robin is planning to move at the end of Lethal White.

Gerrards Cross: Where Dodgy Doc lives with his wife and kids.

Greenwich: Della Winn wants to share a car with Chiswell to Greenwich.

Kilburn: Where Robin was going to rent a room.

Maida Vale: Location of an address where the suspect sent supplies.

Paddington: Suspect seen on camera at Forecourt of Paddington Station.

Rome: Lucy and Greg celebrate their anniversary in Rome. 

Sienna: Where Raff’s mom currently lives.

Sri Lanka: Where Francesca’s parents are on holiday.

Station at Swinton: Suspect seen on CCTV at this location

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