• J.K. Rowling updated her Twitter header this morning and fans with a keen eye were quick to spot the Cromer Pier in Norfolk. If this header is Strike related, could this mean that The Ink Black Heart will feature […]

  • Exciting new information has come to light regarding the Troubled Blood adaptation. According to the website, Backstage, Troubled Blood will be shooting for 11 weeks beginning in mid-January […]

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  • If anyone is still living under the belief that Strike and Robin are somehow still a “will they/won’t they” pairing, we’d like to invite you to join us in the “When and How Will They” club. 

    With foreshadowin […]

    • What a wonderful article! I really enjoyed it. It’s nice to have all those moments connected together in one place.

      Also, the Valentine’s Day Strike fic is lovely — kudos to Pools of VenetianBlue! I will be imagining that date (maybe you’ll write it?). 🙂 <3

    • A brilliant article with so many great points brought together. Let’s hope these two do get together, they both deserve each other! An absolutely wonderful fanfic too. Many thanks for a wonderful Valentine’s Day post

    • Great article… good to know where to find the best shippy parts of our two favourite people.

      And what a wonderful fanfic from pools_of-venetianblue… many many kudos to you.

      I’m gonna listen to the podcast later today, looking forward to it.

      And thanks so much for this lovely Valentine’s Day post.

    • Great article! You’ve woven their growing friendship and mutual attraction together from all of the books so well; I love seeing it all put together.

      And that Valentine’s fic from Pools_of_Venetian_Blue… wow. Just, wow. I would dearly love to see something like that happen in book 6!

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