McQueen (Uzi)

McQueen is a cocktail bar on Tabernacle Street in Shoreditch, London. The bar includes a cocktail lounge and a steak restaurant, and is opening a pool room and outdoor area soon. In the Strike series, the nightclub is called Uzi, like in the book. 

Filming took place here for the opening scenes of The Cuckoo’s Calling, where Lula Landry is partying with her friends and colleagues Ciara Porter and Guy Somé, and boyfriend, Evan Duffield. She was seen in the club by the press shortly before she was murdered in her flat. 

When leaving the club and getting in her car, Lula sees Duffield wearing his wolf head mask.

During the investigation into Lula’s death, Strike goes to Uzi with Ciara Porter and meets Evan Duffield. Strike then goes back to Ciara’s for the night.

A different location, The Roost, was used to film UZI in episode 2.

You can find McQueen on Google Maps here.

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