Masham is a small market town in the Harrogate district of North Yorkshire. It is the town Robin Ellacott grew up in and where her parents still live.

The town is surrounded by hills, fields and farmland; a wide river called the River Ure runs alongside it. The market square of Masham is lined with pale Georgian houses. The town often has market days and fairs located in the large market square.

Masham also has a pub called The Bay Horse. In The Silkworm, when Robin and Matthew are in Masham, Robin’s three brothers go for a few pints of Black Sheep ale at The Bay Horse, where their friends waited for them.

The town is known for its sheep farms and markets, and it also has two large well-known breweries: the Black Sheep Brewery and Theakstons Brewery.

In Career of Evil, Robin returns to Masham to get her wedding dress fitted. She and Linda take a trip into Harrogate for this and then go to a tea shop called Bettys of Harrogate afterwards.

Masham is also featured significantly in the last chapter of Career of Evil.  Robert Galbraith has also revealed that the first chapter of the fourth book will be set in Masham, taking place immediately after the events in Career of Evil.

The church in Masham plays a significant part in the books, click on the link below to read more.

    St Mary the Virgin Church

Nearby Masham is a place called Swinton Park. This is where Robin and Matthew are to have their wedding reception, according to their wedding invitation in The Silkworm.

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