Mango Tree

At the fateful first meeting of Strike and Matthew — over drinks at King’s Arms, an occasion that Robin worked very hard to make happen — Matthew makes a reference to the Mango Tree. King’s Arms is a pub that serves Thai food, and Matthew assesses that “They do reasonably decent food. Thai. It’s not the Mango Tree, but it’s all right.”

He’s saying this to Strike, who isn’t impressed. “He had expected Matthew to be like this: name-dropping restaurants in Belgravia to prove, after a single year in London, that he was a seasoned metropolitan.”

Well, we might feel the same way about Matthew that Strike does, but we ALSO feel the same way about the Mango Tree that Matthew does. It’s a GREAT Thai restaurant. Just look at this drink!

The outside of the restaurant is quite unassuming….

But the inside is quite stylish….

And the food is simply superb! We recommend the tom ka soup and massaman curry. Hungry? Head to the Mango Tree with some help from Google Maps: