Kebab Shop

“‘What you need is food,’ she told him … ‘Sober you up.'”

After finding Strike in The Tottenham thoroughly drunk on eleven pints of Doom Bar, Robin manages to persuade him to leave the pub — after he nearly fights the barman (“I wuzza boxer”) — to go get something to eat to sober up.

kebab shop
Kebab Shop

“She had meant to take him back to the office and give him food there, but he came to a halt at the kebab shop at the end of Denmark Street and had lurched through the doors before she could stop him. Sitting outside on the pavement at the only table, they ate kebabs, and he told her about his boxing career in the army, digressing occasionally to remind her what a nice person she was.” The Cuckoo’s Calling, part 4, chapter 5

After walking back along Denmark Street, Robin leaves Strike at the office door and, before turning the corner onto Charring Cross Road, sees him stumbling into the small alleyway, Denmark Place, to throw up.

Since the kebab shop is never specifically named in the book, our best guess is that it is Sajway, the only kebab shop at the end of Denmark Street we could find.

You can find the kebab shop on Google Maps here:

Warning: if you ever visit the kebab shop at the end of Denmark Street, we would suggest taking photos as discreetly as possible, as one of the men who works there might tell you off, like he did us. “It is not a monument!”

Not a happy man.

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