Hazlitt Road

Hazlitt Road is the street in Hammersmith, London, where Owen Quines editor, Jerry Waldegrave, lives.

Hazlitt Road sign

“These were real townhouses, four storeys high including the basements, golden brick with classical white pediments, carved wreaths beneath the upper windows and wrought-iron balustrades. Most of them had been converted into flats. There were no front gardens, only steps descending to the basements.”

“A faintly ramshackle flavour had permeated the street, a gentle middle-class dottiness that expressed itself in the random collections of pot plants on one balcony, a bicycle on another and, on a third, limp, wet and possibly soon-to-be-frozen washing forgotten in the sleet.”

The front door to Jerry’s house opens and he is confronted by a very suspicious Fenella Waldegrave. Strike makes up an excuse for staring at the house, saying he was waiting for the estate agent to have a look inside. Fenella directs him further down the street and then departs herself.

Strike then takes a look at the rear of the house, where there’s a row of small private gardens. Strike concludes there is nothing to note in Waldegrave’s garden, only an old shed. 

After getting off the phone with Leonora Quine, Strike enters The Albion pub, where he meets Robin.

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