why is Strike’s name mis-pronounced

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      throughout the books, the strike’s first and last name are mispronounced:

      cam-or-an for cormoran and strick for strike.


      in american english it’s pronounced exactly like it’s written. is this a difference with british english? do they not see the i with a final e and say long i?


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      why is strike’s name mispronounced?

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      Newcomer here, hope you don’t mind me jumping in!

      I have read the mispronunciation of ‘Cormoran’ and ‘Strike’by various people as ways of showing how unusual both his names are, to demonstrate that the people who get them wrong are not well-known to Cormoran – or indeed like him very much (e.g. Holly Brockbank)- and to illustrate that the people who get it right first time are in sync with him and should be interesting to us as friends or allies.

      What do you think?

      This echoes a similar feature I have noticed through the books and screenplays: just how many nick names Strike has: Stick, Bluey, Bunsen, Mystic Bob etc.It seemed a bit annoying and unnecessary at first, especially as in the novels Strike admits he doesn’t know where many of them came from (Bluey being obvious).

      Then I began to realise that Galbraith has probably used different nick names from different people in the different phases of Strike’s complex and peripatetic life, to ‘root’ those different lives he has led and the events within each. I have come to appreciate it as a clever plot device.

      What do others think?

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      People mispronouncing his name is so common! Cant believe it!

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