Filming At King’s Cross

Filming for The Strike Series took place today (March 13th 2017) at King’s Cross Station in London. Apparently filming lasted until midnight – most likely a long day for both cast and crew!

The scenes being filmed were most likely from The Silkworm, where Cormoran and Robin have just returned from Devon; Robin runs into the station, only just catching the train north for a funeral in Masham the next day.

Richard Salkeld, a Media & Public Relations Manager for Virgin Trains, Tweeted about the filming.

My friend, a Tom Burke fan, was present around the time of the filming and took the same train north. She was able to speak to the train manager and a man named Sean, a train guard who we will see on screen later this year.

Filming for the series will last until early April and will air later this year on BBC One and HBO.



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