The following fanfiction is completely fan-created. None of this was written by Robert Galbraith.

“Can you wait for me?” by RobinLeStrange – Set just after Lethal White. Strike drops Robin off at her former home to pick up some important post.

Remembrance by RobinLeStrange – Strike attends the National Service of Remembrance for the first time since losing his leg.

2020 by RobinLeStrange – Fluffy nonsense, set in the present.

Bookmark by LulaIsAKitten

I ❤ Cornwall by LulaIsAKitten

The Interview Interruption by LulaIsAKitten

I’d wanna be felled by you by Blue_Robin

Bones by Blue_Robin

I Can’t Breath by Blue_Robin

Bound by Blue_Robin – Strike buys something that he wants to give to Robin….something sweet/meaningful/lovely… but he doesn’t know how/when to give it to her.

Without You by pools_of_venetianblue – When Robin gets hurt, Strike struggles with his feelings…

The Best Revenge by pools_of_venetianblue – A night out for Robin and Cormoran takes an unexpected, but not unpleasant, turn.

In Bad Faith by pools_of_venetianblue – In the aftermath of the Shacklewell Ripper case, Strike and Robin follow the trail of a missing cop. While Robin’s new marriage hits the rocks, Cormoran does his best not to deal with his growing feelings for his partner.

Five Years Today by pools_of_venetianblue – Five years after her wedding to Matthew, Robin contemplates the passing of time.

Joining the Dots by TheLastLynx  While Robin and Matthew make their road-trip up to Masham, Robin is caught up in her past and conflicted about her future…

A Dreamlike Nightmare by AmyS24 – Post Chiswell case, Strike and Robin both feel they have earned a lovely relaxing evening with friends, but Robin is still feeling the effects of a traumatic couple of years. Good food and wine will no doubt help but may also make it more difficult to suppress the growing feelings she has towards her boss.

A Supreme Moment by dianasilverman – A break in the clouds invites Robin and Strike out into the city.

The Bucket of Blood by MulberryWest – Takes place after the events of Lethal White.

A Lot Like Love by Flanker27_UK – Set Post Lethal White. Valentines day cards and their effect.

Sandra by Flanker27_UK – Cormoran’s Temporary Solution.

Faking It by ZoeSong – Robin deals with the aftermath being held at gunpoint in Lethal White.

Going to Masham by die_Frau

A Different Kind of Strength by die_Frau

Almost is Never Enough by SeeBeeStrellacott


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