Elin Has Been Cast! (Maybe)

Cosima Shaw has been cast in the Cormoran Strike Series to play a character named “Ellen.” We’re thinking this might be “Elin,” who plays a somewhat major supporting role in Career of Evil.

If so, we think she looks right to play Elin as described in the book. What do you think?

Cosima has quite a bit of acting experience, having previously appeared in feature films such as “The Danish Girl” and “V for Vendetta” and TV shows that include “Dr. Who” and — oh, boy! oh, boy!  — “Toast of London.”

6 thoughts on “Elin Has Been Cast! (Maybe)

  1. I’ve not read it so… It will be interesting to see how all the Cast fit their characters. ❤

    1. Thanks for your comment, Glyn. So for the books you have read, what do you think about the castings so far? (Besides Tom Burke, of course. We KNOW you love HIM! LOL)

    2. Tom burke is the best cast I think.I imagine him as Strike while reading.I believe he can portray the character of Strike better than anyone else!!

  2. I won’t answer for Glyn, but I think whoever is casting this show is doing a fantastic job of it!. So many of the actors I’ve seen fit perfectly with the image I had of them in my minds-eye while reading the books. I’m a recent Tom Burke fan–who first saw him in the Musketeers last year (but have since seen him in 5 other TV/movie productions (thanks to the Burketeers online suggestions). Can’t wait to see him and Holliday (in that opening scene especially!) I also love the actor they cast as Shanker and can’t wait to see Cormoran and him in action in Career of Evil.

    1. I have to agree that the castings associated with JK Rowling productions are typically spot on. HP, of course, as well as The Casual Vacancy miniseries. I must admit that I’m not yet onboard with the casting of Tom Burke at least in a physical sense (he just doesn’t look like Cormoran to me), but I’ve been assured by his fans that he will be able to inhabit the character quite convincingly.

      1. I truly hope that people will give him a chance. He is an incredible actor and I am positive that no one would have been cast in the main part if JK Rowling wasn’t 100% OK with the choice (she’s an executive producer of the show and her company is involved). She has been nothing but positive about him from the announcement to during filming. I think she was most concerned with the ability of the actor chosen to portray the essential man inside rather than be in possession of all his different physical aspects–not being overweight and 3 extra inches tall. Many people who will be watching will come to the story–for the first time–not knowing the characters physical description from the books and not already being in love with them. Part of casting is to made it an easy cinematic connection for the majority of people (i.e., appealing to the eye) but its also making two different medias, book and screen, work to tell the same story which entails translating compromises.

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