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Lethal White (TV)
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01/21/2020 - 4:27 pm

Flanker27 said
Looks like the honeymoon has been filmed comment from Holliday https://www.northernsoul.me.uk/holliday-grainger-talks-to-northern-soul/  

That's great! It looks like they're really focussing on Robin's personal development. I'm not complaining 😀

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01/21/2020 - 9:37 am

Looks like the honeymoon has been filmed comment from Holliday https://www.northernsoul.me.uk/holliday-grainger-talks-to-northern-soul/

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01/09/2020 - 12:56 am

No worries, I took longer with my previous reply! Happy late New Year by the way!

I’m favouring towards your opinion of it being Robin’s Bobbi Cunliffe disguise, or just a general undercover look. How it would fit in with Strike also being undercover could be interesting detour from the book. It does look like that photo was taken from the studio set so it could have been a scene in the office or maybe they built a complete new set. A couple of other people have noted a few other actors in the bottom left. Nick Blood who plays Jimmy Knight is 3rd from left at the front. Also actor Samuel Oatley, in the suit, is 1st at the front left. No idea what character he is playing but it does feel like this is all Knight brothers related. Of course they could have been filming two completely different scenes but it would be great to see both Robin & Strike undercover together! I’m still unsure if they’ll actually use the 2012 Olympics as the backdrop event given how the 3 series featured a number of 2016/2017 references in the background.

As you say, the hospital sequence is a turning point for Strike and Robin so I’m curious as to where they will place it within the four episodes and if it’s the same placement as in the book. I’d say mid episode 2 as it would give us plenty of opportunities for Tom & Holliday to show that other, colder, side to their characters relationship before they start bridging that distance between them. I’m quite intrigued if in the future books Strike does become an Uncle Ted figure to Jack and if he lives up to his promise of taking more of an interest in his nephew’s life, or he relapses back to his old self. One of the things I’m keen to find out in Strike5! Surely it’s more than a coincidence that Jack and Cormoran are also the names from the Cornish legend “Cormoran the Cornish Giant and Jack the Giant Killer”?! Slightly worrying!

At the moment I feel like part 1 of the book will cover the first two episodes and part 2 with the final two - that feels the natural way of doing it. I think they may also try to end the first three episodes on cliffhangers to entice the audience. So I think that episode 2 could well end with Strike & Robin’s discovery finding of Chiswell dead. I think they need those two episodes to establish his character and to integrate Robin working undercover at the Houses of Parliament. Especially as episode 1 will probably give a reasonable amount of time to deal with the wedding reception and, as you say, the relationships are focused on more in the first half of the book. I think they just have to be careful not to disregard the case/mystery too much in those first two episodes otherwise new viewers might just lose interest if it’s too slow going. I’m currently thinking that episode 3 could well end with Robin finding Sarah’s earring - that would setup episode 4 nicely! I don’t think any future Strike books will end up being as long as Lethal White 4 will probably be the maximum number of episodes the BBC will order for any future series.

Yes, in the show Strike is far more open to involving Robin in the cases whereas in books, especially Cuckoo’s Calling, she disappears for chapters at a time. So I like how they accelerated their partnership and got them together on more equal footing. A good example, and an improvement over the book I felt, was having Robin attend the Roper Chard event with Strike instead of Nina in The Silkworm. Without a doubt, episode 1 of Career of Evil remains my favourite out of the 7 even when so much was cut out. The whole Barrow trip was perfection! I wondered if JKR, as she wrote Lethal White, was including all those little Cormoran/Robin scenes because she knew already how good Tom & Holliday’s chemistry was on screen.

12/30/2019 - 9:12 am

Sorry for the late reply!

First, about the photo update, could that be Robin as Bobbi Cunliffe? She has black nail polish on which make s me more inclined to think that it's not Holliday on her own. And in that case, is Strike keeping her company? Of course this could be them trying to blend in with the protestors at the anti Olympics rallies or meetings.

About the hospital scene, yes there has been just one mention of Jack and next to no mention of Strike as a poor uncle/not good with kids in general, except that he seemed awkward with Dodo and told Tansy that he did not want to be a father. But I am leaning towards believeing that the hospital sequence will be there in the show. JKR clearly has plans for Jack and Cormoran and the show made sure to mention him. So, this sequence can shed light to another aspect of Strike...he could reveal his feelings to Robin in a conversation. Also, the hospital sequence is like a turning point for Strike and Robin in LW. The distance, the misgivings, the resentments started to melt away. And yes I think the accidental kiss has to be there! Like you said, that wasa major step forward for them and the show has always given equal importance to the relationship. It will surely be the same with LW as well, especially after the reviews Tom and Holliday got.

I, for one, would not complain if the show had more episodes. But, to be more realistice, do you think they will do two episodes each for Books 1 & 2? Since a lot is going on in Book 2 mystery-wise, they could use the first two episodes more for the relationship aspect of it, the mystery being slowly set up side by side. And then things could escalate with the murder of Chiswell.

The toffee-sharing scene is one of my favourites too. I also feel that in the show Strike and Robin have a dynamic that is more equal that what is there in the book. It is especially evident in the CoE.

I have heard about Strike 5. Looks like it will be around the same time as the show. I really like your theory about Robin being a partner in the true sense and the agency being renamed. This one is more likely than the other obvious interpretation. But then the sequence of the cards may suggest that they are related, like one thing leading to the other. So, let's see 😉

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12/21/2019 - 11:40 pm

Yes, I absolutely agree with your belief that it’s probably the ‘kairos moment’ they’re referring to, and that in all likelihood it’ll fit into the story after Charlotte’s reappearance. The mention of Nick and the Physios imply this flashback is when Strike has been flown back to the UK and therefore it’s the first opportunity for Charlotte to visit him after the explosion. Although I was wondering if they might have filmed another flashback of Strike to show his trauma of the aftermath of that incident and being in a hospital, which is then intercut with the scene of when he’s with Jack overnight. Remember he didn’t get much, if any, sleep that night.

I hope you’re right but I fear that the first we, the audience, hear about Robin’s reasons for deciding to stay with Matthew will be when Strike himself learns which is beside the motorway and the following conversation at the racetrack. You see, I think they might well make it into a plot thread/mystery running through the episodes. Just a feeling but I want to be wrong on that! There’s so many inner monologues in Lethal White which could be condensed into looks or a couple sentences of dialogue! The other scene I loved was the toffee sharing one in Career of Evil - so simple and barely 10 seconds long yet it spoke volumes about how their relationship had progressed. It’s funny how some of the scenes we fondly look back on are the ones that are more subtle or added in especially for the show. I do feel that they certainly could trim down the first half of the book whether by speeding up the timeline, or cutting a few plot threads or background characters. I remember when I finished reading, I felt that 3 episodes would be enough so 4 feels like a bonus! But now thinking of all these other scenes we want included, I’m now wondering if 5 would have been better!

Gut instinct says that they’ll keep the hospital sequence, although I personally believe they need to lay down some backstory in the run up to it. Correct me if I’m wrong but the show has only briefly mentioned Jack once, when Lucy was driving Strike to Chelsea in The Cuckoo’s Calling. If it weren’t for that, then we wouldn’t have a clue that Lucy has children and we still don’t even know that Strike is such a poor Uncle. So I think they ought to include a couple of scenes early on in Lethal White showing Strike’s poor attempts at ‘interacting’ with his nephews and sister, for then the following hospital scene to carry more emotional impact and just how much a change of tack it is for Strike. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t and we got all their family backstory either via Strike’s conversation with Robin at Jack’s bedside or possibly beforehand when he’s is talking out aloud to his unconscious nephew.
Another reason I think we’ll see the hospital scenes is that at the West London Film Studios, where they film the Denmark office scenes and Strike’s flat, they also have a purpose built hospital set available for film and TV crews. We’ve already seen it used in Career of Evil when Strike visits Robin after the attempted Shacklewell Ripper attack on her. So when they have that facility on site, without the need to go location hunting, you might as well use it and I think the likelihood of it included therefore increases. I know I talked about Lethal White being Robin’s book and Holliday’s chance to really shine, but actually the hospital sequence would give Tom his own opportunity to show the emotional and vulnerable mental side to Strike. I actually enjoyed the whole suspense across those chapters from when Strike receives the phone call from Lucy, Robin’s desperation in trying to contact him and then the reveal that he’s at the hospital. So I hope for that sake that sequence makes it into the show.

They have to keep in the accidental kiss surely?!! Can you imagine the outcry from all of us if they cut it out! It’s such a big stepping stone on their journey and something they both keep on reflecting back to in the remainder of the book. When the writers/producers/directors were doing the press for The Cuckoo’s Calling back in 2017 they often talked about how they enjoyed watching the progression of Strike’s & Robin’s relationship and how it was almost as important as the cases. So they’re clearly fans as well. I wouldn’t worry about it, if they kept something in like the hand kiss in The Silkworm, then I’m pretty certain the accidental kiss will make it. But as Lucy & Jack aren’t fleshed out characters in the show, let us say that there is a risk they do cut those scenes, where would that then leave the placement of the kiss within the plot? Strike and Robin aren’t really people who show public displays of affection so there are really limited situations that could lead into it occurring. You’re basically left with the three other hugs: the wedding hug (it could tie in with Robin’s realisation of her feelings), the roadside hug (could be too soon after her breakup?) or the hug on the barge (unlikely as it would have been photographed by the tabloid press and we would have seen it in all the accompanying articles).

I know how you feel about Tom & Holliday! It’s so hard to now imagine anyone else playing Strike and Robin when they work so well together. We are very lucky to have them onboard and committed to their characters and the series.

I don’t think the cards were chosen at random or in a random order, it doesn’t seem like JKR’s style when you look back at all her previous headers! I’ve done a reverse image search on her header and nowhere else do those cards appear together, which suggests it was put together especially. The Death card could also imply transformation or change. I’ve tried to think outside the box and wondered if it could be linked in with them moving out of Denmark Street. If Strike5 is indeed about a year after Lethal White, then it is possible the landlord has indeed sold to the developers and it’s the ‘death’ of the office and the street as a whole. People have jumped to the obvious meaning of the Two of Cups card but it could also be partnership or a mutual attraction. So I’m thinking if Robin has put some of her own divorce money into the business and is now an equal, rather than a junior, partner to Strike. That would also fit in nicely with the business being renamed Strike & Ellacott Ltd or C.B. Strike & R.V. Ellacott Private Investigators, and that would remove the cliche of being in a ‘relationship with the boss’ which some readers oppose too. As to the mutual attraction, it could well be that Strike finally has eradicated all remaining feelings for Charlotte and both he and Robin are in the same place in regards to their feelings for the other. They just won’t have told the other, or still be aware of the others feelings, and that would set us up nicely into book 6!

I assume you’ve seen the Strike 5 news? Looks like we could be finding out sooner rather than later what happens!

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12/21/2019 - 11:40 pm

Old news but I'll add it to the thread:

Mystery to Tom's & Holliday's clothes but they might just be their own!

12/10/2019 - 2:26 am

No problem at all!

I think it might come as a flashback after Cormoran encounters Charlotte out of the blue at the Paralympics. In the book too he keeps thinking about her for a day or two afterwards. This is another pointer that Charlotte is going to be very crucial in the next book (or later). The flashback scene will most probably be the 'kairos moment' from 'The Cuckoo's Calling'.

The advantage of the visual medium is that they can convey a lot in a 10 second scene. So the aftermath of the hug, particularly from Robin's side, can be and, I believe, will be incorporated. But they will need to show the honeymoon period to establish why Robin stayed with Matthew even after the terrible disillusionment she suffered during the reception. They can't cut it out because that is a major reason why her marriage was falling apart. I don't know if they will keep her phone call to Strike from the resort. I hope they do, as I felt it was another contributing factor for her staying back with Matthew. Of course, they can reveal this distressing period through flashbacks, like you said. It will nicely corroborate her depressed state, her failing marriage and (hopefully) the frosty vibes between Strike and her. I hope they keep the panic attacks and the therapist too. Maybe I am being a bit too optimistic because of the four episode format. Who knows, they might devote most of the time to the case. Although that has not been the trend so far. Do you think they will keep the Jack episode and the accidental kiss in the show?

I agree with how you have described Strike and Robin's relationship in the show. Like in the books, here too, Strike's feelings for Robin are more clear and obvious while Robin's feelings are obfuscated because of her relationship with Matthew. Also, being with Strike in the real sense, she has to actualize her true self, which involves a painful transformation. Basically, that's what happens in Lethal White. I am sure Holliday will do amazing in conveying all these complex emotions, provided she gets the opportunity. About the "sounds perfect" scene, I can't get over how beautifully acted it was by both Tom and Holliday. The camera lingering on Robin standing alone in the dark office and later, her acceptance of Matthew's second proposal and Strike's anguish both juxtaposed, seem to suggest that she would not have said yes to Matthew if Strike had not pushed her away. Like he deliberately raised up a barrier between them to put a stop to the growing intimacy. Tom and Holliday are a big reason why I am so interested in this series (books+show), I can watch them interact on screen all day.

It is wise to keep the expectation low with regard to the Two of Cups card. Although, I don't really believe that Strike's union with Charlotte can be exactly blissful, like the Two of Cups card promises : ) but it could very well be related to the mystery...or maybe the cards were chosen in random. About the Death card, the interpretations I read, tend to explain it as burying the past, or getting rid of an old habit. Anyway, we can't really speculate on the story based on these three cards alone.

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12/09/2019 - 2:30 pm

Lethal White officially wrapped on the 6th December:

And so the waiting game begins once again...

37 Posts
12/08/2019 - 11:32 pm

Has to be a flashback scene. Probably to show how important Charlotte once was in Strike’s life. I wonder where they will fit it in within the grand scheme of things. Maybe after Strike first sees her again at the Paralympics event or after their visitation to Francos? Or maybe as a (lesser) comparison to when Robin turns up at the hospital to see Jack and Cormoran? Because of Tom being minus his beard, I’d imagine that was probably his last scene to be shot. In fact there’s been multiple social media posts in the last 24 hours saying that filming has now wrapped. Surprised that Bronte hasn’t tweeted anything yet.

Sorry Moonia, been away the past week but I can now finally respond properly! Thank you, I enjoy reading your posts as well!

Yes, the significance of that hug is certainly diminished if there’s no self analysis from either Strike or Robin seen on screen. As you say, CoE has already shown Strike’s feelings (I definitely agree that the “one day you’ll feel the same way about someone” sequence and editing worked beautifully) and at the moment, I think a viewer who has watched the show so far, and not read the books, could perceive Strike’s feelings quite easily, but not so much when it comes to Robin’s. Yes, a number of her expressions or her body language could be seen as “charged” but they could also be interpreted as professional appreciation and friendship. Probably because they wanted to show Robin is much more confused and in denial about her feelings, which she is and only later confronts in Lethal White. Where the running time of CoE didn’t help was when we didn’t see how Robin frequently compares Matthew and Cormoran or how jealous Matthew is when she and Strike visit Barrow. I think the closest the show has really got to showing her growing attraction to Strike in CoE was her “sounds perfect” look and that haunting lingering shot of her after Strike leaves the office. One of those “what if?” moments; had Strike accepted the money or made no mention of his date, would Robin have later accepted Matthew’s 2nd proposal? We’ll never know!

I suppose if they don’t show the honeymoon period between the wedding and ‘one year later’, then it’s possible, like in the book, they’d show Robin’s POV whilst she’s sitting in the cemetery when she is off work. Although I do begin to wonder if they might actually move it till after we’ve seen Strike and Lorelei together at the house warming and then Robin’s realisation is part of her jealousy of them together.

The other eye opener moment I thought for Robin, and hope they keep, is when she’s visited her therapist and realised out-a-loud that Strike was the only one in her life not getting on her nerves to sort herself out. Again, I felt that that was another big acknowledge on her part of the importance of Strike in her life. I hope they don’t skim over that period of frostiness between Strike and Robin as it really shows the distance of their journey throughout this book and the complete rebuilding of their relationship, work and personal, on stronger foundations. Besides when you have two actors as good as Tom & Holliday, and with amazing chemistry, you really ought to make the most of their talents and allow them the opportunity to show a different perspective to their characters relationship! It’ll be a loss as well, I think, if they cut out Robin’s panic attacks (they’ll keep the one in the Land Rover) or any reference of her seeing her therapist. Not because it shows Robin weak or vulnerable but the complete opposite as it makes it all the more impressive what she achieves in this book. Holliday is quite simply a brilliant visual storyteller and she really manages to portray fragility and strength at the same time and I’d like to see her act those scenes out. I’m certain Tom will get his opportunity in a later series when Strike is faced with Charlotte or Rokeby.

I hadn’t heard of the link with the Nick/Nora Charles series but if true, then it gives hope that it possible to have a detective series where the two main characters are in a relationship and it’s just as an engaging read.

Yes, I’ve seen her new header with the tarot cards and I’ve read a number of people’s interpretations of what they could possibly mean for the 5th book. I’m trying to keep expectations low over it, especially the Two of Cups card, as there are so many layers of meanings and they could work for a number of characters, even Charlotte! It’s a bit too obvious to assume that the Death card means there is a character death on the horizon, but is there a general agreement that we think book 5 will be darker?
Straying here a bit into the 'Book 5 predictions' thread territory!

I’m hoping they will stick with Robin leaving Matthew as close to the book as possible and not intercut with other scenes. It deserves our full attention and enjoyment!

12/07/2019 - 12:54 am

Hate to step in on this really interesting discussion peeps but I thought I’d upload a couple of updates from instagram!!

View this post on Instagram

Mark Wildish with Tom Burke #LethalWhite 🎥

A post shared by StrikeFans (@detective.strike) on

Looks like we’re going to see a flashback scene to when Strike has just returned from conflict after losing his leg. Or so i’m guessing from Tom’s lack of beard and army hoodie. Presume Charlotte also appears in this scene from Mark Wildish’s photos. Also looks like Nick Herbert will reappear be in LW! Thank you StrikeFans for that top photo by the way!

12/02/2019 - 2:39 am

Yes, it was a watershed moment for Robin. Even I share your worry that they will skip through the honeymoon episode, but then for the viewer to grasp the full significance of the hug, what it meant to Robin, the aftermath has to be shown. So maybe like the condensed but touching sequence in CoE where the show established Strike's deep feelings for Robin, we will get one from Robin's POV this time, a small but revealing sequence in the first episode that will set the tone for the rest of the show.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Robin's realization come so soon. I think most of the readers are/were ready for a long wait, but we don't really know what JKR has planned for them. I read somewhere (and I can't confirm this) that JKR had Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man as the prototypes for Strike and Robin, a couple that solves crimes together. But, like I said, this might well be a rumour spread by some fan. What seems confirmed for now is Charlotte's return in Book 5. According to fan theories, JKR's latest Twitter header, which she put up on Cormoran's birthday, indicates it strongly. Have you seen the header?

So far, the show/the actors have made use of expressions/body language to convey the underlying attraction between Strike and Robin which the books make explicit through internal monologues. In LW the stakes are higher, as both of them are sort of past the stage of denial (a state of 'constant flutter', Tom Burke called it), they will devise some cinematic equivalence of the monologues to make their feelings for each other quite plain for the viewers to see. I am hopeful that they will pull this off as they have four hours this time, unlike CoE, which felt a little rushed. Yes, and I really hope they give us the pay off we deserve for enduring Matthew for four books!

I really enjoyed reading your post!

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11/30/2019 - 7:52 pm

It was such a watershed moment for Robin, one that I wasn’t expecting for another couple of books, when she questioned if she was in love with Strike. Up to that point I personally felt she’d caught up those feelings amongst her own love for the job, and her love of the freedom that Strike gave her to be herself and the overall respect he has for her. Of course just as she was ready to consider those feelings, Strike goes and blows it and Robin makes a retreat and up come the barriers between the two. So, yes there’s jealousy on her part that Lorelei got the opportunity to be with Strike and she didn’t get the chance. Because the series has cut out Strike’s past girlfriends, we’ve yet to really see Robin’s jealousy or any real indication that she’s falling for Strike-maybe apart from the “sounds perfect” conversation in Career of Evil. So once again(!) I agree with you that they should show some indication of that jealousy this time around and to set us up for book 5/series 5 with the potential clash with Charlotte. It’s going to be interesting this series if they keep, or make any acknowledgement to Robin questioning her feelings because I do worry they’ll want to move the plot on after the hug at the wedding, skip the honeymoon period, and straight into a year later with Billy turning up at the office.

Yes, she currently has no clue about Strike's feelings for her, nor that his feelings for her were one of the contributing factors as to why Strike couldn’t form that ‘human connection’ with Lorelei. So she would naturally assume that Charlotte’s reappearance had something to do with it even though Strike tried to clarify that it wasn’t when they had their heart to heart chat at the racetrack. I think Robin knows deep down that Charlotte is still a threat to Strike.

The conundrum for the writers and directors adapting the books is how do you visualise all those inner monologues and feelings when they are so rich in detail. You cannot really vocalise them in conversations as both Strike and Robin are not the kind of characters that would openly talk about their feelings of one another. And hearing their own monologues as voiceovers isn’t really the style of this show. So I think we’ll probably see them reminiscing about the other in solitude and through flashbacks to previous scenes, similar to Career of Evil and Strike’s visions of his Mum. In Robin & Strike’s case those flashbacks could well be of their hug, and later on in the series their accidental kiss.

I don’t think they’ll give the same amount of attention to Lorelei & Strike as Matthew and Robin. The order of priority for Lethal White is: 1. the case, 2. the Strike/Robin dynamic & 3. Robin/Matthew. Lorelei & Strike are really a side show in the grand scheme of things. Lethal White feels like Robin’s book and we do need to see the build up that ultimately leads to her walking out on Matthew, and that does need to be a rewarding pay off and ‘punch in the air moment’. I’d imagine Lorelei & Strike will get 2/3 scenes together per episode, on par with the number Robin & Matthew had together during series 1 of Cuckoo’s Calling.

I too hope they keep Strikes belief that Robin’s pregnant! Despite her now being married, it’s almost like he still thinks that “there was still time” for him and Robin to have something.

Sorry, this ended up longer than expected!

11/29/2019 - 4:24 am

Totally agree with everything you wrote there about Robin's state of mind. I do think that the show will highlight Robin's jealousy/desolation regarding Strike and Lorelei. The fact that Robin mostly acknowledges these feelings in her mind is a major development in her arc and her relationship with Strike. Also, Robin gets to hear Lorelei's voice message to Strike regarding his unwillingness to form 'human connection' and later she hears about the break-up. I felt that Robin might be attributing all this to Strike's lingering feelings for Charlotte and her reappearance. She has no clue about Strike's feelings for her. I feel this could serve as the foundation for Book 5. So the show can't really skip through all of it. The link you posted gives a sort of confirmation. Thanks a lot! But can they give Lorelei and Strike as much footage as Matthew and Robin? I don't think they will have the time. However, it will be fun if they keep Strike's apprehension about Roin's pregnancy in the show.

37 Posts
11/29/2019 - 1:02 am

Absolutely agree that that’s her main role, rightly or wrongly, in the book. I think Robin is also jealous of her, and Strike, because they appear to be in a happy relationship, unlike hers and Mathew’s. Nevermind her frustration at the backward steps her’s and Strike’s relationship has taken and how Lorelei has essentially replaced her as Strike’s first point of call. It’s going to be interesting how Robin and Lorelei treat one another in the show. In the book Robin does seem to like her, despite everything, and they do act friendly towards one another, but might they want to show any of that underlying jealously?

Agree with your thoughts on the housewarming party, it’s a good opportunity for the show to introduce (and re-introduce) a number of characters together and quickly, and to establish where those relationships are at, at the start of the series.

With four hour long episodes there should be enough time to include key scenes involving Lorelei such as the housewarming, Strike staying at her flat after pulling his hamstring, and when she confesses her feelings towards him. Otherwise I think we’ll probably only hear her name in conversation or her at the other end of the phone. So probably not enough to make her a fully formed character but hopefully enough not to be one dimensional. It would be good to see how her presence changes Robin’s and Strike’s working relationship, for instance Robin wanting to work together late in the office, to avoid Matthew, but Strike leaving to spend the evening with Lorelei.

The press release mentions “Strike has his own issues, a girlfriend who confesses she loves him and his complicated ex Charlotte…” You can read it in its entirety here https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2019/strike
Going with that, it would appear at some point in the series we will hear Lorelei say those words to Strike.

11/28/2019 - 2:42 am

To be honest, I don't think Lorelei will be a fully formed character in the show. But, she will be there mostly to portray Strike's and Robin's feelings for each other. Strike is using her as a distraction from Robin and Robin is jealous of her, and she knows and acknowledges it (unlike what happened in Elin's case). So, we will get just enough of Lorelei to establish the above. I think Robin's housewarming party should count as a good opportunity for the show to clearly demonstrate the various relationship dynamics. I hope they keep it.

What did the BBC press release say about Strike's girlfriend? I was not aware of it!

37 Posts
11/27/2019 - 7:50 pm

I agree and think it’s a toss up between Lorelei and Izzy. I think we can definitely rule her out being Kinvara, Charlotte (not pregnant) or Robin as Bobbi in disguise (too tall even in heels).

What will be intriguing is how much screen time Lorelei gets in the series, especially after Nina and Elin were completely airbrushed. Will she end up on the sidelines with a couple a scenes and most of her storyline happening off screen? Or will we get to see enough of her to make her to make here a fully formed character that we will sympathise with in the end? The BBC press release from the start of filming did mention about Strike’s girlfriend so I do think we will see her in at least a number of scenes, perhaps a similar amount per episode to what we've seen of Matthew. Whoever is cast as Lorelei may also give us a clue to how big the role may potentially be.

11/27/2019 - 1:57 am

I feel the woman in the video is Izzy. Strike interacts with her a lot in the book and most of it is crucial to the plot. I doubt we will see much of Lorelei in the show (if at all). Since it's going to be four episodes, we might catch a few glimpses of her. Her break-up procedure with Strike will most probably play out off-screen. Again, if at all.

37 Posts
11/24/2019 - 10:29 pm

Tom Burke/Comoran Strike back on home turf today! 🙂

11/12/2019 - 10:22 pm

Love, love Robin's dress!! Hopefully looks like we'll be getting more than just a few flashback scenes.

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