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07/28/2019 - 11:31 pm

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06/30/2019 - 9:47 am

Since Eric Bloom is a real life person, there is no way he can be Strike's fictional father. Besides, there is too much emphasis in the book on the paternity test to leave any doubt as to the 'real' (fictional) father.

I so wish that JKR would resuscitate her Twitter account to give us an update. Just knowing that's she's really working on it would be enough for me.

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06/20/2019 - 1:49 am

I'm interested to find out more why you don't believe Rokeby is Strike's father? I recently re-read the books and there were comments both about a DNA test being done to confirm Rokeby's paternity with Cormoran and that Leda never "got" Eric Bloom. I had no idea anyone believed there was a question to it.

I could see Matthew being a dick about the divorce and dragging it out as much as possible, even though they basically just have finances to figure out. Hopefully once divorce is final we won't see him anymore. It seems like there will be another time jump, as JKR wrote on twitter about writing about Robin's 29th birthday and we didn't even get to the point of her 28th yet at the end of Lethal White.

06/19/2019 - 6:50 pm

Thoughts about Venetiahall’s interesting points in post 39:

1. Yes, I agree that there will be a new office in book 5. The real question I have is where will Cormoran’s new place to live end up being? I can’t see him getting a roommate like Robin and the cost of living in London was the reason he had such a poor excuse for a flat (apartment) all through the first four books. It seems like any new office will also need to have another area where he can set up house—just like the old place?

2. Agree about the contractors and the need for a new secretary. Be interesting to see who it ends up being since Robin would probably would not want the new secretary to be too attractive (if she’s honest with herself) but they do need someone very efficient. Be interesting to see who it ends up being. Vanessa and Eric Wardle are both here to stay. Hope Shanker is back in the thick of things in book 5. I also hope we see more of Mitch Patterson from Lethal White as I think Mitch makes a nice addition to the ongoing series as a rival/antagonist to Cormoran’s alpha male detective.

3. I think that Matthew will still be around in book 5 since I read that divorces (even uncontested) in England take at least a year. I don’t expect Matthew to make it easy for Robin even though he was clearly the cheating partner. This is mainly because in Matt’s mind he no doubt truly believes that Robin was also cheating; if for no other reason to make him self feel the injured party.

4. Charlotte will definitely be coming back into Cormoran’s life to stir things up. Unfortunately, it seems that both Robin and Cormoran will find themselves entangled with their former ill-fated romantic partners during the final “death throes” of their relationships in book 5. Charlotte does have the "threatening to kill herself" in her background to emotionally blackmail Cormoran so it will be interesting to see what she tries to pull in book 5.

5. I don’t see Cormoran and Robin starting to get together until book 6 and I think that the thing that will finally get Cormoran to act is when Robin is free and other men start to move in to date her. Strike will realize that it’s now or never. Hopefully he picks the “now” option.

6. One of the only two bits of information that JKR has given out about book 5 is that we will be seeing Al Rokeby again in Book 5. I confess I’m one of those who is not 100% sure that Al Rokeby is Cormoran’s father. There are enough discrepancies (dates and story wise) that I’m more inclined to believe his father will ultimately prove to be someone besides Jonny Rokeby.

Having said that, I was a bit surprised to see that the actor they hired to play Al Rokeby in the BBC series is a dead ringer for the actor playing Cormoran Strike. Since JKR is an executive producer of the show—I would think that she might have said something about having too close a physical resemblance between the half-brothers if Strike really isn’t related.

In the book it is quite clear that Cormoran is not supposed to look anything like Jonny Rokeby—and so his half-brother shouldn’t either, but in the show he does. I’m going to put this down to the casting director thinking the audience needed to see a physical resemblance since they would expect to see it (not that I’m complaining on the way they look!).

Final note—I totally agree that the next book needs to start filling in some of the hard facts about Strike's family story. The questions surrounding his father and the facts around his mother’s background and her murder. Somehow I feel the two are connected—else why the mystery? And why, after four books, have we still not seen Jonny Rokeby walk onto the pages of his “son’s” story?

06/19/2019 - 2:24 pm

I really think that in the coming books we will find out that Eric Bloom is Strike's real father not Johnny Rokeby...Robin was looking online in one of the books and saw that Eric Bloom had "Strike's exact same hair".

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06/10/2019 - 11:05 pm

I've just discovered this page and am so excited to have somewhere to discuss these books! My predications for book 5 (or perhaps just later books in the series):

1) I think we will see Strike and Robin either in a new office or looking for one, as it was foreshadowed that developers are likely going to come through and evict everyone. Strike will also have a new place, as will Robin. It'll be nice to see them both somewhere new.

2) I was happy to see him utilizing contractors for work, as we are going to be losing (at least for the most part) the third most mentioned character in the books, Matthew, so we'll need other characters to fill in some gaps. I also think we'll see more of Vanessa and the new housemate Robin has. Perhaps they'll even have a secretary in the next book.

3) If Matthew is around at all in the latter part of the series, I wonder if he might come up as either a suspect in a case or--in truly ironic fashion--hire Strike and Robin for a case. I can't see him being too much of a disrupter in terms of Strike and Robin's relationship at this point. Their marriage is over, and while he is a total shitbag, he isn't as unstable as Charlotte.

4) I think Charlotte will come into play. If this book has a time jump like the others, she will have had her children and probably be on her way out the door, if she hasn't left them already. She'll try to come back into Strike's life, disrupt things with Robin. I've often wondered if Charlotte won't turn up dead or missing later in the series and that Strike will be the suspect.

5) I don't think we'll see Strike and Robin in a relationship in this book, or even confessing their feelings to one another. I think they each will continue to explore their feelings for the other, but I think they'll both likely be involved with other people to some degree. Robin is very inexperienced with men and Strike has always been worried about getting involved with Robin because of the business. Perhaps at the end we'll see them both accepting and acknowledging that they are in love with each other, but not saying that to one another.

6) I would really like to see some of Strike's estranged family come into play in this book or later in the series. The boy Leda had with Whittaker would be probably 20 or so by this point. Or Rokeby, though again as others have said it might be too early for that. I like Al. I'd enjoy meeting some of the other half siblings.

I hope we aren't waiting another 3 years for the next book. It was a killer to wait for book 4.

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03/22/2019 - 7:14 pm

Hi, I read on a page called Howartsproffesor the theory that we have to wait for a relationship between Cormoran and Robin, and the idea that she could have a relationship with another man. Personally, don`t like the idea. I want them together.
I think that Charlotte will be in the middle of them, just like Mathew. And I have doubt, who send the flowers to the office, was Mathew or someone else? It`s possible that her raper reapeared to become a ñew threaten to Robin?

03/01/2019 - 4:58 pm

Good afternoon to you all, I' ve recently discovered your site, and i found it really interesting.
I read in translation first (so I had to wait 4 monts LW trying to avoid any information about the book), then in English (even though my english is far from good JKR books are really well written and with a good dictionary can be fully enjoyed.

NO MORE CUNLIFFE!!! I hope in a divorce by first chapter and then try to forget they have ever exhisted(written?). I could make an allowance to enjoy a Cunliffe/Campbell marriage, a couple made in hell.

And a little peace for Robin.
She is really a woman which has suffered enough, we know, first raped and then psychologically abused FOR YEARS by MC (cheating included); I discussed about her with my wife and she said that in her opinion what MC did to her is worst. I'm inclined to agree.

In my opinion books 3&4 can be interpreted as an essay about violence against women.

That for me is more than enough.

02/24/2019 - 4:36 pm

I think Charlotte will have disappeared and Strike will have to find her. It feels like the episode in the restaurant in LW was building to something like that. Looking for Charlotte could also get in the wah of a Strike-Robin relationship

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02/13/2019 - 7:55 pm

Hi from Argentina, I just found the web and I love it. just re reading LW and wonder what could happen in 2 years between them. In COE it was great who we could know the story by the flash back, but now, with them more closely and without any other person in the middle make me think if they don´t make any advance in their relationship!!!!

01/29/2019 - 3:01 pm

If there are to be bumps in the road for Strike and Robin’s relationship it would be interesting to see it caused by them disagreeing quite strongly on some key aspect of a case, or perhaps the character of a client or suspect. Perhaps one of them is sympathetic the other very suspicious (probably Robin would be the sympathetic one but not necessarily. )

A more ambiguous murderer would be interesting, someone more sympathetic and not driven by narcissism, evil, revenge or greed. JK could do this so easily, I bet she will at some point if not in book 5.

Perhaps Robin gets to be the one to put all the information together and work it all out this time. It would be fun to see the reverse of her and Strike at the end of LW where she tries to prod him into making the connections, but I guess that is not how her character would behave.

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12/08/2018 - 1:37 pm

Antosha said

Huh. Having worked in publishing for most of my adult life, I can tell you... That's amazing. Actually, it makes sense. They know they've got a large book coming, so they're setting everything up ahead of time. Still, you don't see that kind of timeline outside of non-fiction very often!  

I can imagine JKR being high priority at her publishing house 😉 Even so, it's probably too optimistic to think the book will be finished at the end of next year (mind you, it doesn't have to be published yet to be turned into a screenplay), but hey, a girl can dream 😉

12/07/2018 - 6:04 pm

benedek said

Antosha said

For a book like these, there's usually at least a full year between when the manuscript is submitted and the book comes out -- sometimes more like two.

This seems a bit too much.

Rowling announced on Twitter that she finished Lethal White on 23 March and it was published on 18 September - approximately six months.

Same with Career of Evil. She tweeted that she finished the book on 24 April 2015 and the book was published some time in October.  

Huh. Having worked in publishing for most of my adult life, I can tell you... That's amazing. Actually, it makes sense. They know they've got a large book coming, so they're setting everything up ahead of time. Still, you don't see that kind of timeline outside of non-fiction very often!

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12/07/2018 - 8:17 am

Antosha said

For a book like these, there's usually at least a full year between when the manuscript is submitted and the book comes out -- sometimes more like two.

This seems a bit too much.

Rowling announced on Twitter that she finished Lethal White on 23 March and it was published on 18 September - approximately six months.

Same with Career of Evil. She tweeted that she finished the book on 24 April 2015 and the book was published some time in October.

12/06/2018 - 3:10 am

Kaqu said
It might be terribly optimistic, but would it be possible that JKR is quite a way into the next book already, and that they will film LW and this next one back to back at the end of next year?  

For a book like these, there's usually at least a full year between when the manuscript is submitted and the book comes out -- sometimes more like two. Think of it this way: We know she's still writing. Even once she's finished, she'll want to do rewrites. Then, once she's happy, there's editing, marketing, publicity, design -- and that's not even mentioning the months it takes to get tens or hundreds of thousands of paper copies printed.

So as wonderful as it would be if you were right... I think the soonest we can expect the fifth book is summer 2020.

12/02/2018 - 6:38 am

It's just so great that JK is working on book 5 I'm really excited...I was a little worried about the time jump but then I realized that there was such thing in LW and it actually was really good cause there were flashbacks so technically we didn't miss anything...I'm also really happy that Al Rokeby is coming back in the new book cause he seemed such an interesting character and he was so handsome too:)) I hope that he'd have an important role in book 5...since we've never seen the real jealous Cormoron I want Al to fall for Robin...Robin is probably single in the new book so she deserves to be in other relationship except that shitty marriage and it would be really interesting to see that Cormoran's half brother and Robin attract to eachother...maybe it would make Cormoran finally realize that he's actually in love with his work partner.

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11/29/2018 - 8:23 am

It might be terribly optimistic, but would it be possible that JKR is quite a way into the next book already, and that they will film LW and this next one back to back at the end of next year?

11/29/2018 - 7:52 am

I was also worried about the possible time jump, but then LW wasn’t at all like I would have wanted and it turned out great, so obviously I trust JK Rowling to know what’s best for the characters.

If we do start in late 2013, assuming they’re not together, I hope they’re both single. I would be happy enough with them focused on the work and enjoying being friends, but I’m not sure what you gain from putting Strike in another one-sided relationship. Robin I don’t know – I’ve never been through a divorce. It has been entertaining to see them both jealous of each other’s partners without wanting to admit it, but I’m not sure that can go on.

I’m mostly just excited that JK Rowling is already working on the book. Do we think it could be published before LW is shown on TV?

11/24/2018 - 7:43 pm

Yesterday (Friday, Nov. 23, 2018) Rowling/Galbraith) gave us (on her Twitter account) a bit of information about Book 5. The biggest piece of information was that she was at that moment writing about Robin's inner dialogue on her 29th birthday!?

I was a bit shocked since I was just re-reading Lethal White and had just come across where Robin is asked how old she is by Jasper Chiswell and she says she's 27 (Chapter 15 page 148). Her birthday is in October and book 4 ends in September 2012 before her 28th birthday.

We don't know which chapter JKR's working on but my hope is that she has actually been working on book 5 for awhile and has moved on into 2013, rather than book 5 starting in 2013 (so it jumps ahead a whole year like in book 4). That jump was OK since we missed a lot of Robin and Matt and sad Cormoran but Robin and Cormoran had actually gotten into a good place at the end of book 4--so losing a year now wouldn't be good.

JKR also mentioned that Al Rokeby would be returning in book 5--but didn't answer if Jonny Rokeby would ever be making an appearance. I had scenarios worked out for book 5 when I thought it would pick up where 4 left off but now I'm not so sure that's the case. I'll have to rethink everything I thought might happen in light of this new info.

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11/05/2018 - 5:28 pm

wvjilly said

I've just discovered this website and have just begun to look around. I feel absolutely obsessed since I read LW, and re-read it, then listened to it... 🙂

Hey! I've read LW once and now savoring it by listening to all the books in order in English for the first time (in the middle of the Silkworm right now). And hopefully when I'm done LW will be out in here.

wvjilly said

I wonder what others think of the idea of a kidnapping while helping Rokeby with some problem and including an abroad trip? I've gone through several scenarios in my head about who might be kidnapped and who might be the saving hero(ine), but I just keep thinking that if Robin is in a life and death situation for days, it might make Strike realize he needs to declare his feelings, working relationship be damned. And if the story line involves Rokeby, it might involve travel abroad. Of course, they would need to be solvent enough as an agency to be flying here and there, so maybe this won't happen in Book 5. If Rokeby would meet Robin and they'd like each other (as in some characteristics he and Strike have in common draws her to him), then Rokeby was the saving factor for Robin in a dangerous place, might that not heal things a bit between Strike and his dad?

Somewhere online I read a prediction that Strike and Robin's wedding will occur at the beginning of Book 7. ( I was rather amazed at such a specific prediction, but there were reasons given.) I kind of like that idea. It would give Book 5 time for them to be a little more relaxed together, then Book 6 to actually be in a publicly acknowledged relationship.

I am totally up for their foreign trips. I mean I adore their just road trips. Imagine them going somewhere overseas. Bless those two! (And Jo.) No matter what the reason of the trip will be.

Oh I've read about that wedding predictions yesterday actually. I must say I disagree with the reasoning they gave (as far as I understood it was about parallels with HP books). But I still want them to get married no doubt!) And I really like your timeframe for it.

Also I've read on the same website an interesting theory. It states that Rokeby is not Strike's real dad. They have pretty convincing reasons there, but I still don't buy it. Or I thought I didn't. Because now ALL I can here now whenever Rokeby is mentioned in Silkworm (as I'm listening to it) is that Strike doesn't look like him at all. Thought by Robin, thought by Strike himself. And practically everyone else. Here's the theory

wvjilly said
I think her brothers are already onboard for liking him and her mother will come around, I'm sure.

Also, I'll just throw it out there that I'm excited about their new office space. I'm thinking they might repurpose an old building with a nice loft for living that would be plenty handy and big enough for two. 🙂

I love Robin's brothers. What a gang! They are so onboard! I'm sure her mom will pretty soon realise how happy she is.
And one of my favourite things to be excited about is the highest possibility of their new office space on book 5. It's going to be such a turning point in the whole series.

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