Career of Evil TV Locations

Here are many of the filming locations for Strike – Career of Evil. Click on the locations for more information.

Denmark Street – Where Strike and Robin’s office is located. (Also a book location).


The Duke of York (The Tottenham) – The pub Robin gets drunk in.


Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park – Where Strike visits his mother’s grave.


Hazlitt’s Hotel – Where Robin stays for the night. (Also a book location).






Whitfield Gardens


Tottenham Court Road – Robin walks down this street while on a surveillance job. (Also a book location).


Barrow-in-Furness – The town Strike and Robin visit in search of suspect Niall Brockbank. (Also a book location).


Catford Broadway – Where Strike bumps into suspect Jeff Whittaker. (Also a book location).



Soho Square – Where Strike sits on a bench, thinking. (Also a book location).



Blondin Street – Where suspect Niall Brockbank lives with Alyssa Vincent. (Also a book location).



Leyburn Petrol Station



Holmewood Gardens


Ye Old Axe, Hackney Road



Perronet House (Elephant & Castle)


Leyburn Petrol Station



Masham – Robin Ellacott’s Yorkshire hometown. (Also a book location).

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